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From our farm to you.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality CBD possible, which all starts with our small farm in Oregon.

Let’s Get Back to Normal

We were inspired to start Vital Earth Farms because of the many personal stories from our friends and family who were suffering from various symptoms and their shared experience of using CBD to return to a normal life.

One such story was that of a nine-year-old girl in our community who was suffering from seizures that were so debilitating that her family had to pull her out of school. Her father had tried multiple anti-seizure medications and he was losing hope that his daughter would ever have a normal childhood. He decided to try CBD oil and found that his daughter went from experiencing five to ten seizures a day to just a few a week. After seeing the results, he switched his daughter to a high-quality full spectrum CBD oil elixir. Within nine months she was enrolled in school and sports and finally back to normal.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality CBD products so more people can experience the wide range of potential benefits of CBD.

About Vital Earth Farms

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the highest quality CBD possible, and we have been working hard to bring this goal to life.

We started growing hemp in 2018 on our 16-acre family farm. Our size allows us to provide more quality control over our crops than larger, commercial operations. All of our hemp is irrigated using rainwater and tended to with care.

We began by making cannabis wellness products for the medical marijuana industry and we continue to carry with us the intention to create safe and reliable products. We send out each batch for third-party testing to ensure their safety and potency.

We believe our CBD oil should be enjoyed by everyone, which is why we maintain practice sustainable farming techniques, preserving future generations.

Check out our full collection of CBD products online, crafted with care at our farm and delivered directly to you!

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